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Liforce came into being early 2009 and combines the skilled practices of Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Chinese Medicine, Energetic/Alternative Healing and Bodywork.



Osteopathy is a system of manual medicine which focuses on the relationship between the function of the body and its structure. By physically treating the structure of the body, it has the ability to normalise and re-align. By doing so, it allows the function and, therefore, overall health to improve.

The Osteopathy team at Liforce are highly skilled in treating adults, pregnant mums, newborns, children and the elderly.

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Naturopathy is an holistic health care modality that aims to support our body’s ability to heal itself by creating balance in all aspects of our life. Most Naturopaths incorporate self-help strategies with proven medicines from all ages to enhance our body’s natural defenses and healing powers.

Naturopaths may advise on dietary and lifestyle changes, meditation, self-awareness and counseling, as well as prescribing herbs, homeopathic remedies, nutritional supplements, flower essences and/or exercise regimens.

Naturopaths often cooperate with Western medical practitioners to give the best combination of care for each individual. The aim is to create a pathway to joyful health for each person in a way that is most suited to the needs of each individual.

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Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine) has a long record of treating a variety of issues, and when combined with the efficacy of Bowen Therapy, you have a powerful, multi-faceted approach to health. All three modalities are found here, in the one location, at Liforce Acupuncture.

Fertility, Pregnancy, Women’s Health and Menstrual Disorders are of particular interest to Ashley, however, as Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine can address a wide range of issues, Ashley offers assistance with the alleviation of:

  • - Joint/Body pain, Arthritis & Fatigue
  • - Anxiety and Depression
  • - Sleeping issues
  • - Cold, Flu & Cough
  • - Digestive issues such as IBS, Chrohn’s Disease, Appetite

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Energetic/Alternative Healing

Alternative Healing may be defined as any method of healing that varies from traditional Western Medicine. At Liforce, we are pleased to offer some of the finest current and ancient modalities that can be called “alternative healing”.

This includes quantum energy tools, Bowen Therapy and N.S.T. Personal counseling sessions are available through the energy system of the body being read diagnostically.

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Courses & Workshops

Calmbirth Workshops

Birth is a natural process, which should be experienced fearlessly, calmly, ecstatically. Calmbirth® teaches pregnant mothers, fathers or birthing companions the skills to accomplish such an experience.

We explore breathing techniques, relaxation, dealing with fears, accessing your body's natural anesthesia, ways to work with the hospital system, supporting your partner and baby's arrived - Now what? Our workshops are relaxed, fun and completely interactive.

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