Our Philosophy

At Liforce, we pride ourselves on being an established, family oriented, multi-modality clinic in Malvern, Melbourne. We offer many different types of services and we only have highly skilled professionals working in our clinic. We have created a highly supportive and harmonious environment.

We understand everybody is different and we offer a huge range of modalities and practitioners so you can find something and someone to suit your individual needs. All of the modalities at Liforce have their own business websites, so please see below for a list of our services as well as links to more information

About Us

Liforce has been established since 2009 and since then, has welcomed many different practitioners and thousands of happy clients. Liforce was founded by Libby Gordon and her daughter, Dr Clare Gordon (Osteopath) who wanted to create something special, where people could look after their Health from many different angles.

A one-stop shop is what they tried to create and is exactly what they did! Liforce is a family oriented clinic where many of our practitioners see everyone from the newborn to the elderly for many types of conditions. Dr Clare Gordon is now the sole director of the practice with over a dozen professionals working from the clinic.



Osteopathy is a system of manual medicine which focuses on the relationship between the function of the body and its structure. By physically treating the structure, it has the ability to re-align, allowing the function and, therefore, overall health to improve.

Our highly skilled Osteopaths treat women, men, pregnant mums, newborns, children and the elderly using a wide range of techniques that are individually adapted to suit each patient. Our approach to each treatment is dependent on the patient's presentation where our aim is to not only treat the symptom, but to find the cause of pain.

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Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Balance your body and mind, the natural way.

The combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine has long been accepted as an effective means of boosting the body’s natural ability to heal. Whatever health condition you’re looking to address, we’ll work with you to develop a treatment plan, individualised to meet your own specific needs.

At Liforce Acupuncture, we offer assistance for a wide variety of conditions and symptoms, with particular interest in the conditions below:

  • - Fertility, IVF & pregnancy support
  • - Women’s health and menstrual disorders
  • - Cosmetic & facial rejuvenation
  • - Paediatric issues — sleeping, digestive & emotional difficulties
  • - Digestive problems — IBS, Chrohn’s disease, appetite
  • Sleeping difficulties, anxiety & depression

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Naturopathy is an holistic health care modality that aims to support our body’s ability to heal itself by creating balance in all aspects of our life. Most Naturopaths incorporate self-help strategies with proven medicines from all ages to enhance our body’s natural defenses and healing powers.

Naturopaths may advise on dietary and lifestyle changes, meditation, self-awareness and counseling, as well as prescribing herbs, homeopathic remedies, nutritional supplements, flower essences and/or exercise regimens.

Naturopaths often cooperate with Western medical practitioners to give the best combination of care for each individual. The aim is to create a pathway to joyful health for each person in a way that is most suited to the needs of each individual.

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Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy, and when used along with other forms of psychological or medical treatment such as NLP, may produce surprising results.

Hypnotherapy and NLP can be used to treat anxiety, phobias, substance abuse including tobacco, sexual dysfunction, undesirable spontaneous behaviours, and bad habits.

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Energetic/Alternative Healing

Alternative Healing may be defined as any method of healing that varies from traditional Western Medicine. At Liforce, we are pleased to offer some of the finest current and ancient modalities that can be called “alternative healing”.

This includes quantum energy tools, Bowen Therapy and N.S.T. Personal counseling sessions are available through the energy system of the body being read diagnostically.

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Courses & Workshops

Calmbirth Workshops

Birth is a natural process, which should be experienced fearlessly, calmly, ecstatically. Calmbirth® teaches pregnant mothers, fathers or birthing companions the skills to accomplish such an experience.

We explore breathing techniques, relaxation, dealing with fears, accessing your body's natural anesthesia, ways to work with the hospital system, supporting your partner and baby's arrived - Now what? Our workshops are relaxed, fun and completely interactive.

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